ACIDRAP.COM: Hellava Night Update!

Hellava High!Update by ESHAM

We’re a day into the summer and last night the season kicked off right with a mind bending session in Hollywood at the Viper Room. As you may have heard, the Hellava Night party has been stumbling drunk throughout the entire west coast this past week and is now heading sxsw for stints in Arizona and New Mexico before taking a break in early July. Big shot out to all the heads showing suicidal love in each and every town and yes, that includes you Eugene, Oregon even though your hip hop police ran us out of town early… We’re gonna have to do a podcast just to highlight the hi jinks and shenanigans from the road, Daniel Jordan just woke up after a 3 day coma and Esham was still in a zombie trance from Santa Clara the night after in Fresno. Syco, tix on us for the show in Detroit. holla at ur boy…

Massive shot out to Kung Fu Vampire who travels mobb deep with dozens of multitalented and ridiculously hot girls at all times. Marz stopped in for a few surprise appearances and nuff respect to Jason in LA who promoted Esham and the show in historic fashion. While Laker fans were rioting after their championship win, dude was out there holding a hellava night poster during live news coverage. Now that’s gangsta!!!

Posted 6.22.09 via ACIDRAP.COM – Hellava Night Update!