Check out HotDamnTV’s run-down of the Wild Week of Weirdos closing performance at the Key Club, West Hollywood.

HotDamnTVKung Fu Vampire - April, 2011—Key Club - Hollywood, CA

Wild Week of Weirdos Winds Up in West Hollywood

RAZ of Kung Fu Vampire …Next up was Kung Fu Vampire. I’ve seen this act a number of times with different Psychopathic acts and I’m always impressed. The band includes almost as many people as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club (Band) but depending on the gig they have a varying number of folks on stage. Tonight The Vampire, Razz(Violin and pic on right), Jeremy Pollett(Bass), and Paxton(Drums) were in attendance. Vampire has got a very unique sound bringing a rapid fire delivery reminiscent of other NorCal rappers with that wicked flavor thrown in. Live sets are especially cool because the way it was mixed emphasized the bass and violin more than studio stuff, which made it feel like the sound track from a creepy movie. If I was a clickin’ man, I’d check out their website and youtube to learn more. The Juggalos were really feeling The Vampire, especially loving “Grinder” and “iCount”. This act has paid their dues and doesn’t even have to bother trying to get cheap pops from the crowd, they’ll just start chanting “family” at him. Some would consider this the highest form of praise from a very selective and skeptical audience…

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