The Family & Kung Fu Vampire

I’m writing this live and direct on Wednesday night 6:30 PM West Coast Time. I don’t want to bottle up the level of depth and greatness that I feel towards The Juggalo Movement and how I became a part of it. The reasons I feel it is necessary to do so far surpass something that I can’t just keep inside. Here’s my story and why you know who Kung Fu Vampire is.

In 1991 I was young, I wrote my first rap, made my first beat, played Bass Guitar and Drums. Got kicked out of the school band within a month for trying to play Hip Hop and Metal Beats on the Drums, I then started an Alternative Rap / Trip Hop / Experimental Group – a really dark and funky style project with some friends from my hood. I instantly gravitated towards trying to do something that was never really done before and that’s combining Industrial Music / Electronica with Evil Gangsta Rap… since those were the things that drove me as an outlet to express my pain and anger as well as my love for Shrooms and Weed. My influences were The Doors, Metallica, Ministry, Aphex Twin, NWA and The Geto Boyz. from day one I was dark – every beat I wrote was Ominous.

Heres the 1st track I ever Wrote & Produced back in 1991:

Anyways, time went on and I had to pay clubs to do shows, didn’t fit in, caused riots when we performed and really never had ANY niche or market so to speak of people I could express myself to. This went on for years and years and I slowly built something big in The West Coast, particularly San Jose. I stayed at home in the studio and hardly came out to play. Jumping ahead to 2003 when I released Blood Bath Beyond I went all out and threw my CD release party at a dope and large venue called “The Edge” in Palo Alto, CA. 500 plus people showed up and it was a huge success, that was January 16th 2004, just two days before that was the first time I had EVER heard the word Juggalo and this is how it happened…. I was in my hometown of San Jose opening for 2 Live Crew and Bushwick Bill from The Geto Boyz, after my performance I hit the mercy booth to hopefully sell a few CD’s, sign some autographs and chill when a 6’4 300 pound Mexican fella walked over with his fist out and said “Juggalo Homie, I know what’s up, Clown Love Baby” in which my response was “cool, right on” then I turned to my Bass player and said “I think he meant Giggalo”. Basically I had no fucking clue what he meant and it perplexed me for a few minutes and passed. About a week later I was in a parking lot about to get a new phone and saw a chick with a purple mohawk get out of a Honda CRX and across the top of her window in big letters in said “Juggalette” I tripped out and made the connection and said “what does Juggalette mean?” she replied “if you don’t know, you don’t need to know” I said fair enough and didn’t take it personal since she was super punk rock, hahaha. I never looked it up or payed it any mind like any other thing that crosses us in life… so I just went about my life.

Shortly after that a tragedy occurred in my life and I actually moved to another close by city SANTA CRUZ where I wrote music and lived in seclusion in the forest but I did have the internet and at the time was checking myspace a lot. Something strange had happened, I noticed people with their face painted like clowns were 80% of the people adding me as friends and when I would look at their page it would say Juggalo related shit. So naturally I was like “oh shit, are these ICP fans”? Why do they like me? I then peeped out the wikipedia page and at that point I knew who they were and was like “no wonder why the only few little CD’s I sell are from the midwest, what a trip, it finally made a little sense. Now keep in mind, where I’m from there are Juggalos but not a ton and it was definitely not something I had been around, Im a bit older than most of you so naturally there wasn’t any at my high school or college. when The Amazing Jekel Bros came out, it was during a time when there wasn’t a shit load of Hip Hop records being released and I was such a fan of the genre that I picked that CD up since it got great reviews. Like most CD’s I played it a few times, found the songs I liked, bumped those and then put it back in the case. I never had any exposure to ICP other than that, didn’t hate it & thought it was kinda Rock Rapish, but it was different so I respected it…and I respected it enough to spend 17.99 or whatever at Musicland to grab it.

Now back to 2005. So I’m living in this house, I’m not successful as a musician but I have a buzz going, i can pack the house in San Jose and that’s about it. I felt like there was no reason to change my style for anyone and I had no idea how to market to someone nor did I try, I was a stoner and Unique Hip Hop artist who deep down inside knew someone would eventually take notice so I just kept doin’ my thing. in 2005 a good friend of mine who I use to chill with on occasion handed me a burnt CD and said “dude have you ever heard of Tech N9ne, he reminds me of you with your fast flow and weird style, he’s even got the same pointy nose and goatee as you, ” I replied “yeah, isn’t that some typical gangsta rap shit” He said oh hell no, you gotta give it a listen” I grabbed the cd, popped it in and “Industry is Punks” came on. It didn’t really grab me. Now for all you tech fans, that is a dope song indeed, but it isn’t that different like most of his work, so i basically gave it the cold shoulder. When I got home I put it in my itunes like all my c.d.’s. About a month later I had the Itunes library on “random” and this sick ass fucking song came on “T9 Experience” I ran upstairs to see who it was, it was so unique and similar to some shit I would do, with the pitched low voice and all the drug shit…I flipped the fuck out, it was that guy Tech N9ne that my boy Sean had talked about. I was like “damn, there really is other weirdo shit like mine out there”..I was pretty stoked on Tech at that point.

So time went on I played the Playboy Mansion, Saw 3 Movie Premiere Party, my band had 10 people we were dope as hell, we were funk, hip hop, jazz, swing and nothing like Juggalo music or tech N9ne in my opinion, but hey I’m the rapper so I didn’t have the best self awareness. Then came Dead Sexy, I put that out and packed the fucking house on Halloween Night 2008 in San Jose at the Voodoo Lounge, 400+ people, it was amazing. when I exited the club at around 130AM, on old friend Big Dave that I hadn’t seen since 1998 is standing out there and said “I didn’t know you were Kung Fu Vampire this whole time, Nigga your blown’ up out here” I was like “thank you” he said “you know what, I gotta get you in touch with my homie Tech N9ne, I use to run his first street team back in the day, he would love you” I laughed and was like cool. So at that time he made a call with me on the phone to Travis O Guin while I was on the phone, they had multiple phone conversations about me and at the end of the Day Travis said “I like his music and image, I’m not sure if that name is gonna make him or break him” No worries we weren’t trying to get signed necessarily I was just glad to have anybody with clout enjoy my tunes. But Travis did invite me VIP to multiple Tech shows, gave Tech and Staff my CD and I eventually became friends with the entire Strange Music camp.

Now as some of you may know at this point in 2009 I had never shot a music video, 17 years in the game and I never felt that my music was ready, but my engineer of many years had called me and said his friend John Kim, a Videographer from Japan wanted to shoot a video for free and that Kung Fu Vampire was perfect for it. We met, procrastinated for 8 months and finally in May 2009 shot the video for “ICOUNT’ yeah baby! Shit came out pretty good for a first time VID and I really just let the director do what he wanted since it was free. Shortly after that a friend called me and said have you heard of Esham, naturally I had and he said here’s his number they wanna do a show in San Jose for the Hellavanight Tour. I ended up booking that show and some other tour dates for Esham with Kung Fu Vampire as main support. About a week before the 1st show Daniel Jordan called me up and said “my friend Mars would be dope on the show, Im gonna have him call you if that’s cool” Mars calls and ended up on the show. He told me later that he thought I was super dope and asked me to do another tour with him, while on the road Mars and JRZ approached me out front of a show in Santa Cruz California and asked if I would represent with Mad Insanity Records, my answer “Fuck Yeah” in 2009 I did a video release party at one of my annual Friday the 13th Masquerade Parties here in San Jose at The Black Club and then back to my cave for some good old Isolated living that I was getting use to.


Here’s where it gets deep. I was chopping fire wood like a beast when I heard the phone ring, ME: “Hello” A representative from Psychopathic Records: “Hey this is George from over at Psychopathic, have you ever heard of the group Twiztid?” In which I replied “sure” He said: “What are you doing from February-April 2010?” I replied “Touring with Twiztid?????” He said: YES, Monoxide saw your video on a website called and thinks you are dope as hell and unique and is requesting you to join them on the Slaughterhouse Tour, do you have a vehicle” I said: “Nope but I’ll get one.” I cashed in my mutual funds to buy a van and trailer, maxed out every credit card to buy merch and re-release Dead Sexy. The tour started in Buffalo, NY and ended in Chicago where the energy from my infamous Death Wall started a Riot and ended the show early, cutting Twiztid’s set, wow, what a tour and what a way to end it.
Kung Fu Vampire : Faygoluvers

The emotion I felt on that tour to have finally met people like me, to be surrounded by lovers not haters (although there is always gonna be some) was amazing. I knew I was down with the clown for life, I had a person on tour with me at that time who would make little snide remarks about some Juggalos that we came across and it bothered me and I said to myself , “why do I give a fuck, why is this making me upset” It’s because these are my people, this is who I’m rollin with, this is me.

Half way through that tour I decided to really take it to the next level and show my love for the fam in Orlando, FL where I was given a personalized Hatchetman Tattoo by the homie Big Mike, who drove a couple hours, waited around all night and did the tat into the wee hours of the morning, now thats the kind of person that was missing in my life back at home. I got that Tattoo to signify the 19 years of Hip Hop music that went un-recognized until The Juggalo family excepted me. I met life long friends on that tour, it opened up doors to get my music heard by potentially millions. The Hatchet man Tattoo represented my respect level for Twiztid and the Family for not pawning me off as some strange cat who doesn’t fit the format of pop radio. Since that tour I have gone on to do my own Headlining Tour, 2 Gatherings, another Twiztid Tour and ABK Tour as well as getting flown around the US to do shows. This is just the beginning for me and I need the people who discovered and held me up high for the world to see’s support RIGHT NOW, theres another level of the game for me if you wanna see me Infect The World with my version of Evil, Dark, Wicked, Ominous, Funky, and most of all GENUINE Hip Hop. Yes YOU, the Juggalo, Juggalette, Ninja, Ninjette, Wicked Shit Fans, Family, Hip Hop Enthusiast or however else you prefer to classify yourself you have my devotion, it’s not hard for me to show you love, you showed me love, I support and back up all things Juggalo, it’s not a gang it’s MI FAMILIA.


It’s December 2011 and I’m slowly chipping away at the “Love Bites” Album with some epic guest appearances, great production and we are still 100% Independent and gonna keep it that way. Im not on Psychopathic but they have given me a Platform and treated me with respect. I don’t feed off of what they do or their fans… the fans and artists came to me. Like TRUE LOVE you can’t force a Woman or Man to be with you it has to be natural and in this case it feels so Natural and so good but the work is far from over and my path has many hurdles in 2012. I notice a few California Haters, some struggling Rappers, past band members and people from my past trying to tear me down – they try anything they can. Spreading rumors, making up lies, saying that I talk shit about Juggalos then ride their nuts, I’ve heard people say some of the most outlandish shit in the world but of course this is all part of the game and people will always try to bring you down when your doing well for yourself or you have something they want.

I wrote this due to the inspiration from all the love I get and felt you deserve to know where I popped up from. What I love about Juggalos is a list that can’t fit on this page but one thing that sticks out is you all have a story like mine, you have done your research about Kung Fu Vampire and found out wow this is the text book definition of a Wicked Shit Artist. I want to let all of you know that as I sit here with my beautiful 8 month old daughter next to me pouring my heart out to you, that I am what this genre needed and my love is genuine. It’s gonna take all of you supporting my merchandise online, spreading the KFV music like Gospel to people that aren’t in the know and most of all STOP THOSE LIARS AND RUMOR SPREADING HATERS in their tracks. Go on youtube and defend me if you love me, go to the concert this year when I hit your city, tell your other favorite artists how much you love Kung Fu Vampire, without support I may disappear and not have the energy, the funds, the team of people and all that is needed to independently be successful or even keep going at all. I realize as I read some hateful comments here and there that I can’t control what people say about me, I can’t control if you do or don’t like Kung Fu Vampire’s music. I can only reach out to you to tell you how much I love you what you have done for me, I’m tired of the money hungry fakes, the liars and snitches and the people trying to capitalize on The Family. Negativity needs to be crushed, Positivity and family Unity needs to Prevail, I am your generation, I am you.

Respect, Unity & Honesty,
Kung Fu Vampire