Kung Fu Vampire “Love Bites” Tour Review – Juggalo News

Kung Fu Vampire is currently touring the country in support of his latest album, “Love Bites”. The tour features Liquid Assassin and Mr. Grey. Both artists are also featured on his album. I went to check the tour out for myself. I got to the club early; it was already full of eager fans. Kung Fu Vampire generally draws a large crowd. The reception for his new album has been fantastic this year and his popularity is constantly growing, so it’s no surprise that the turnout was good, even on a Sunday. The openers that night were great. There was a handful of local talent. Freelance Assassins were amongst a couple of the groups leading up to the tour’s headliners. Mr. Grey and Liquid Assassin were fantastic. Their performances stood out and were unforgettable. Something I noticed that night was that many of the performers jumped off stage during their shows to party with the crowd. It was a blast. Liquid Assassin also added an interesting feature by going a cappella a couple of times during his set. His lyrical skills are top notch. His rapping is captivating even without a beat. He set the pace well for Kung Fu Vampire who is known for his fast paced, energetic rhymes. Kung Fu Vampire was accompanied onstage by a band who’s instruments add a fresh element to his live performance. He delivered a good length set with hits from his new album including “Love Bites” and “No Place Like Home”. Some of his classic hits included songs such as “Grinder” and “Dead Girls Don’t Say No”. Liquid Assassin and Mr. Grey joined Kung Fu Vampire onstage towards the end of the show. The audience was wild throughout. Some people were moshing, some dancing, and the overall reception was outstanding. I enjoyed the show myself. I can’t wait to see Kung Fu Vampire again. The “Love Bites” tour is a dark, gothic hip hop show that’s full of life and energy. It will leave you craving for more.