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Love Bites

Kung Fu Vampire

Monday 3rd December, 2012 by juggalotus0069

Kung Fu Vampire began breakdancing at the age of six, and taught himself how to rap and sing. At the age of twelve, his aunt began taking him to see concert performances, and introduced him to a Gothic style of dress. He and 3 brothers from his neighborhood the Huelsenkamps formed a band, LSP in 1991. In 1999, he adopted the name “Kung Fu Vampire” during a conversation with his friends in which he discussed the idea of a martial arts film featuring vampires. LSP disbanded, and Kung Fu Vampire formed a new band based on the “kung fu vampire” concept. Concepts from an unpublished novel he wrote also formed the basis for the group’s stage act. In 2006, the group was voted as the “Best Local Band” by Metro Silicon Valley readers,and performed at the release party for Saw III, as well as at The Playboy Mansion.  Kung Fu Vampire performs a style of Hip Hop fusing goth, funk and electro. Kung Fu Vampire referred to this style as “gothic hip hop” and “goth hop” to describe the true sound and separate himself from generic genre labeling, but later learned that it was also similar to the preexisting style horrorcore, quickly becoming a fan favorite of the genre.

Track listing

  1. Love Bites Feat Deanna
  2. Knockturnal Feat Rap is a Joke
  3. Strangers Feat Butterscotch
  4. No place like home Feat Potluck
  5. Nightmare Walkin Feat Bunny Chiba
  6. Go Away
  7. Destruction
  8. Keep on Funkin Feat Tebo & Mars
  9. Feels like I’m dyin Feat Twisted Insane
  10. Evil People Feat Liquid Assassin & Lainey Leone
  11. Blade Feat Mr. Grey
  12. Bread for blood Feat Brother J of X Clan
  13. The Dreamer

Track by track review and rating

1.   Love Bites Feat Deanna:  The intro is one of the best on the market today.  The beat is slow and the vocals are very well performed.  9/10

2.  Knockturnal Feat Rap is a Joke:  A smooth beat with a simple guitar riff.  The vocals are quick and very well done.  The hook is very catchy.  The track will have the listener bobbing their head from the first beat.  9/10

3.  Strangers Feat Butterscotch:  Another slow smooth beat.  Butterscotch adds a nice hook to the track.  Another addictive track will have the listener hitting rewind.  9/10

4.  No Place like Home Feat Potluck:  This music behind this track is Caribbean in      nature and like nothing the listener has heard from KFV.  Pay homage to Humboldt and all things      involved in partying.  Great song to get up and dance to.  Potluck puts down solid verses that work well against KFV.  10/10

5.  Nightmare Walkin Feat Bunny Chiba:  A very slow and dark beat for this track.  Great hook.  More along the lines of old school KFV.  9/10

6.  Go Away:  The beat contains a Latin guitar that really works well.  The track itself is about a relationship gone badly.  A real interesting topic and beat make this track very entertaining.  The hook is well done.  8/10

7.  Destruction:  A dark and slow beat again.  The vocals hit hard and flow with the beat exceptionally well.  Overall a dark and seductive track.       8/10

8.  Keep on Funkin Feat Tebo & Mars:  This track contains musicians from the funk era and the music was performed live in studio.  This is so different from any other track on the CD.  Mars’s verse is a great counter to KFV.  This tracks replay value is high.  10/10

9.  Feels like I’m dying Feat Twisted Insane:  Another slow/dark beat.  The vocals are very dark and create a horror movie on the track.  Twisted Insane performs a verse that completes the horror theme.  8/10

10. Evil People Feat Liquid Assassin & Lainey Leone:  A very theatrical beat sets up the track. The verses are very theatrical as well.  The featured artists add a lot to the track as a whole.  8/10

11. Blade Feat Mr. Grey:  Hard guitar riffs start this track off and give way to a slow smooth beat.  The hook is very hard and brings the guitar back in full force.  Track is about the downfall of our political system and praises revolution.       7/10

12. Bread for Blood Feat Brother J of X Clan:  A nice well performed track with a solid message.  Very different from the previous track and that placement hurts the track.  6/10

13. The Dreamer:  A calm track to conclude the album.  Speaks of his struggles as he was growing up.  The hook is about writing off a woman who left him.  A solid track to conclude the album.  7/10

Conclusion:  Fans of Kung Fu Vampire know he varies his style virtually track by track and this album is no exception.  The changing rhythm and beats will keep the listener intrigued.  The end of the album falls off a bit but not enough to turn anyone off.  The featured artists add a ton to the tracks they are on and KFV doesn’t let anyone down with the lyrics or delivery.  A very solid album and one any fan of KFV or the horror core genre should add to their collection.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Favorite Tracks:

  1. No Place Like Home Feat Potluck
  2. Nightmare Walking Feat Bunny Chiba
  3. Keep on Funkin Feat Tebo & Mars


  • 49 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Mad Insanity Records

Release Date:

  • 10/31/2012




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